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As we meet the Risen Christ this season, let us always  remember Jesus' love for us is so strong that not even death could stop it. In his resurrection the impossibilty became a reality, and reality is that through Him we live to the full and we live forever. 

Many churches across the Circuit welcome the community to their monthly midweek Messy church. Children and parents share in food, in crafts and activities and in worship together. You are welcomed to join your local Messy church. Contact us for more information.


There is a Godly Play room at Wix Community church, and many children come fortnightly to explore for themselves God, the Bible and much more. 

Helping people find their way back to God

Thank you for visiting our website. We are a warm, welcoming group of Methodist churches and we hope that you find this website informative. There is a variety of worship services in our local churches. Please visit Services to find out more. 

If you need a minister, you will find their contact details here

Caterpillars and butterflies

How many of you have caterpillars growing in their living room? I do! My children received a kit that enables them to grow caterpillars into butterflies as a present. In fact the present consisted of a voucher entitling them to those caterpillars and a net for the butterflies. 

They were so excited to receive that present and couldn't wait to send the voucher off so that they could receive the caterpillars.

But, they received that voucher in the wrong time of the year. And they had to wait for Spring to arrive, before they could send off for the caterpillars. And they waited- and that waiting paid off- the caterpillars are finally here and it is amazing to watch the journey that they take in becoming butterflies.

This story reminds me of the story of the people of Israel, who had been promised a Saviour, a Messiah. But they had to wait. They had received a voucher that promised that Messiah, but it was not time yet for the Messiah to arrive.

The promise was true, just like my children knew that the voucher definitely entitled them to their caterpillars.

And finally this Messiah, this promised Saviour came. And he came into our world, into our time and space, to live like one of us, a human being, to show us what love is and to point us to God.

Some of his contemporaries thought he was taking his time. ‘Jesus, your journey seems too slow….can’t you be a bit quicker? We need you to free us from our physical oppressors!’ 

Every morning we go and look at the caterpillars, wanting them to grow quickly. And every morning we see a small transformation, but transformation nevertheless.

And every day Jesus lived on this earth, transformation occurred. It might have seen small to some of them, but it was happening nevertheless in them and around them.

And the caterpillars will turn into chrysalis. It will be a time when nothing will seem to happen. We won’t be able to see what the caterpillars are doing inside the chrysalis and we will wait.

And the time came when the promised Saviour, seemed to be silenced inside a tomb. Time stood still. For three days, nobody knew what was happening inside that tomb. 

But the caterpillar will not stay inside the chrysalis for ever! The day will come when the cases will begin to turn and twist violently and when they will split open. The day will come when out of that casing a beautiful butterfly will emerge. A butterfly that is the caterpillar, but a butterfly that looks nothing like the caterpillar. 

And the day came, on that first Easter Sunday, when out of that tomb the Saviour emerged. The same, yet different, having broken the bondage of death once and for all.

The butterfly will be released to roam free outside, Jesus is now seated in the right hand of God in glory.

The much awaited for Saviour, is the risen Lord, is our closest friend, is with us always. 

The much awaited for Saviour, lives and gives us life to the fullest.








Love and the Cross meet to change History

Tendring is situated in North East Essex and is made up of villages, small rural towns and seaside towns.  

There are eighteen churches in the Tendring Circuit of the Methodist Church of which three are in a Local Ecumenical Partnership with the URC and one church is in covenant with the local Anglican Church.  

The Tendring Circuit is part of the Beds, Essex and Herts Methodist District. 

Jesus is Risen! 


Godly Play